TV Drive Thru Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Toyota DriveThru?

The Toyota DriveThru is an internet site with a simple interface providing a convenient, centralized list of links to popular work-related, internet-ready applications. These applications are compatible with most internet browsers allowing team members to access them while on the road, outside of the Toyota network.

Why do we need the Toyota DriveThru?

Some team members need access to some of our business critical applications outside of our network. The Toyota DriveThru provides a convenient list of these internet enabled application links making it easier for team members to be productive while on the go, without having to remember all of the URLs.

Is it safe to open these applications on the internet?

In the process of making their applications internet-safe, application owners have provided security for their applications to ensure that only people with the right access levels and permissions can open the applications while outside of our network.

Are these applications only available on the Toyota DriveThru?

No. In fact, when people are in the office, it is recommended to access the featured applications from My Toolbox and not from the Toyota DriveThru.

Who is the intended audience for the Toyota DriveThru?

The intended audience for the DriveThru are TMNA/TFS team members that have the proper access to any of these applications, are away from the office, or are off of the company network.

How do I login into the different applications featured on the Toyota DriveThru?

There is no login required to get to the Toyota DriveThru, but access to each of the applications will ask for credentials as required by each application. It would be a good idea to make sure that you know all of the login credentials for each application that you will need access to before going on a trip or leaving the office. Be aware that each application may require different credentials.

What is phishing and how do I avoid being scammed?

Phishing scams trick users into revealing personal information that may be used to steal your identity. Always be wary of phishing scams whenever you are conducting confidential business over the internet. The Toyota DriveThru will never solicit personal information so please do not respond to requests for this kind of information. It is always good practice not to use a website if there is any doubt of its validity.

Can I still access these featured sites without having to go through Toyota DriveThru?

Yes. If you are outside of our company network, you may access these applications directly if you know the site’s URL or if you have the site bookmarked. In addition, you will not need Toyota DriveThru when accessing these applications via My Toolbox from within the company network. Launching these applications from My Toolbox is the recommended method while working in the office.

How do I provide feedback on the Toyota DriveThru?

Please send feedback to

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